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Who is this Colin shlub?


I figured I’d register an URL that I’m an expert on. Colin Williamson being me, I thought that colinwilliamson.com would be appropriate. (Besides, you never know if some chump might register an URL of your name and set it to auto-forward to goatse or something.) I’m an American who’s been working in Japan for the last ten years or so, in the always-colorful world of the game industry. Now I’m back in the United States working on stuff that I’m not allowed to talk about. On this site you can read about my adventures, many of which end with my being strangled by art directors. (It’s okay, I deserved it at the time.)

In the past I’ve worked as:

Columnist for PC Gamer Magazine


Bright-Eyed, Uncorrupted Intern at Bethesda Softworks


Freelance Translator for Nativesens LLC


Assistant Director and Planner at Anchor Inc.


Mocap/stunt performer at various gigs (ouch, my knees)

Editor at Squaresoft (now Square Enix Co. Ltd)

Project Manager at Square Enix (on loan to Airtight Games)

AV Producer at 17-BIT

Director of Partnerships at Shinra Technologies, Inc.