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I come from a video and motion graphics background, so I’m lucky to have had plenty of opportunity to make the best stuff I can muster in recent gigs. Here are some samples of what I’ve done.

Galak-Z: The Void Opening Cinematic (Production time: one month)

Immediately after Shinra closed shop, I called Jake and asked him what I could do on his DLC. He replied that there had been no cinematics work yet, and I could probably jump on that ASAP. Back in the saddle with artist-animator extraordinaire Callen Wagner, we produced this in time for launch:


Galak-Z: Opening Cinematic (Production time: one week)

One of my stretch goals for the debut of Galak-Z at PAX Prime was to include an opening cutscene for the game and running it in-engine in realtime (instead of a canned FMV). I managed to create this sequence in a week with the help of our animator Callen Wagner, just in time for PAX. Music and sound effects came in hot at the very end, courtesy of the incomparable Sam Bird.

Skulls of the Shogun: Intro Cinematic (Production time: one month)

This was my first major task at 17-BIT, and I produced this mainly from in-game assets, layering on heavy FX work and parallax, while channeling the silliness of GI Joe and borrowing the multiplane camera shots from Rescuers Down Under. Thanks to Callen Wagner for creating some one-off animations, and to Mega Ran for performing the vocals (which were added for the Steam version).

Skulls of the Shogun: Bone-a-Fide Edition: “Now Eat their Skulls” (Production time: one month)

I wanted to create the most cracked-out commercial possible for Skulls of the Shogun, so I built a greenscreen studio, found some kids, and spent a month making this. The Internet’s response was a resounding “WTF?”, which was well in line with my intentions. More details on production here.

Soul Fjord: Opening Cinematic (Production time: One week)

Kim Swift over at Airtight Games asked me if I could kick out some cinematics for her rhythm-action roguelike, so I built this primarily out of in-game assets. Note that the text that appears in the books is not random; if you translate it, every page has a different story about the gods of Norse Funk, which were totally a real thing.

Soul Fjord: Dev Diaries (Production time: One week)

More Soul Fjord fun. I shot and produced three of these in total, focusing on design, characters, and music.

Shinra Technologies System Update (Web series; original pilot production time: two weeks)

One day while working at Shinra, I was asked how hard it would be to put together a community update video series for the technical beta that we were running. By the end of the first week I built a greenscreen studio; by the end of the second week we had a complete production pipeline inside Adobe CC, all original motion graphics and FX by yours truly, and a pilot episode finished (live-action shots directed by Simon Ferrari; scripts by Shinra Host Lucy). It’s amazing how quickly you can do this stuff nowadays.

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