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Way back in 1999, the staff at PC Gamer would ship the magazine with demo CD-ROMs, and there was always space left over for extra stuff. (I’ve been told the Corporal Dan movies I made back in high school were put on the discs, but I’ve never been able to confirm.) William Harms was my editor at the time, and came to the magazine from the comic world, having written the fantastically dark Abel from Slave Labor Graphics, and doing a brief run on Ren and Stimpy for Marvel. I mentioned to him that I’d been writing a comic with my good friend Nick Setthachayanon but didn’t have an artist, so when William asked me if I’d be interested in writing an original comic for inclusion on the disc, so I jumped at the chance.

So we wrote STRIKE!, a three-parter about fearless sanitation engineer Buster Keglinski, who discovers it’s his destiny to bowl against none other than the devil himself to save humanity.


Man, this is a really weird comic. We originally pictured it as a parody of (already silly) Hong Kong “hell training” movies, but artist Mark Bloodworth did a killer job giving it a much different visual vibe than we expected.


Though the art for all three issues was complete, there were some staffing changes at PC Gamer, and the edits for the final version never came through. I recently came across photocopies of the pages, which managed to survive a move to and from Japan. Unfortunately, one or two pages are missing, and the third issue needs countless lettering fixes. The other issue is that I have absolutely no idea who holds the rights to this anymore, but I get the feeling nobody really cares. Until I get around to coloring the full run of the comic and fixing the third issue, here are a few samples from the book. It was a hoot to write and it looks better than I ever thought it would.

Project: STRIKE!
Written by Colin Williamson & Nick Setthachayanon
Art and lettering by Mark Bloodworth
Edited by William Harms


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