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What is this?

This is a map for Unreal Tournament 3 that was made by myself and two other Square Enix people in our spare time with the purpose of learning UE3. I handled level design and scripting, Rob Gray (now at Epic Japan) did modeling and shaders, and Satoko Kojima (freelance) did texturing and shaders.


This was a tremendously fun project because we wanted to create custom assets for everything (including sound, FMV, and an interactive score from industrial musician Alan Primselaar). I love classic Unreal maps that have a ton of hazards, high-risk/high-reward elements, and most importantly, traps! We wound up winning third place in an IGDA level design contest.


Note that this map is actually performant on the PS3 version of UT3. Testing on the console was a nightmare, since there were no ways to actually profile performance, so there was a lot of eyeballing, lucky guesses, and visibility optimization that led to the map running at a proper 30fps and not running out of memory.


If you want to download it, grab it from moddb. There’s a more technical look at everything we learned here.


Project: Tokyo Trainwreck for Unreal Tournament 3
Staff: Colin Williamson (level design, scripting, lighting)
Rob Gray (modeling, shaders)
Satoko Kojima (modeling, shaders)
Alan Primselaar (music)
Production time: About 1 year (part-time)


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