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Experienced game producer with rare cross-cultural expertise and 10 years experience delivering top-tier market-ready games seeks a Producer or Associate Producer role in which to drive and motivate a creative team using a combination of technical skill, excellence in management and a passion for game design.


Shinra Technologies, Inc., New York, NY
Director of Partnerships, August 2014-Present

  • Recruited AAA and independent game developers to create prototypes for the Shinra platform
  • Worked on-site with external developers for up to a month each to create prototype pitch docs and production plans
  • Architected all developer support plans, including creation and localization of bilingual Community Cloud Development Kit
  • Designed developer-friendly platform backend
  • Planned and presented at bespoke developer events in the United States and Japan
  • Designed and managed bilingual website

17-BIT, Seattle, WA
Designer & Producer, January 2012-June 2014

  • Brought on to add polish to Skulls of the Shogun, a turn-based strategy title from a 5-man team
  • Designed UI elements, motion graphics, frontend, and opening sequence, cleanup on animation, SFX, FX animation, script
  • Shot, directed, and animated all promotional video material
  • Set up and coordinated showing of game at PAX East, PAX Prime, and E3
  • Served as producer for Steam and iOS releases
  • Heavy design role on Galak-Z (PlayStation 4), including lookdev, cinematics, SFX, metagame

Square-Enix Inc. Tokyo, Japan / Seattle, WA
Publisher Producer, July 2009-December 2011

  • Selected by Square Enix CEO to coordinate AAA title development between Square Japan staff and a Seattle-based development team
  • Responsible for satisfying creative team needs and managing cultural expectations
  • Owned vendor relationships including middleware, art outsource, and contract negotiation
  • Served as personal North American consultant to Square Enix CEO
  • Designed and coordinated playtest sessions
  • Handled talent contract management, including strict adherence to AFTRA union and signatory regulations
  • Created and managed all video assets, including internal vidocs, milestone presentations, playthroughs, and ripomatics
  • Managed cinematics production, including mocap organization, previs editing, soundtrack mixing, and compositing

Square-Enix Co Ltd. Tokyo, Japan
Developer Relations Guy, Aug. 2008-June 2009
• Commissioned by Square Japan CEO to help launch a new overseas development initiative
• Scouted Western development teams, met with leadership from potential partners, assessed team fit, and arranged meetings with Japanese executive producer

Square, Tokyo, Japan
Localization Specialist/Editor, Dec. 2002-Sept. 2008
• Served as in-house company editor, polishing, rewriting and culturally adjusting voice and text scripts for Western audiences
• Established Square-Enix house style and maintained consistency across multiple RPG/MMORPG projects
• Created internal websites and demo events to educate staff on Western game production and dev culture
• Acted as consultant on Western trends and middleware to CEO and team leads
• Localization expert panelist at Game Developers Conference 2007 and CESA Developers Conference 2007

Personal Project
Level Designer, Sept. 2008-Present
• Created “Tokyo Trainwreck” Unreal Tournament 3 level with volunteer team of 2 artists
• Released level on PC and PlayStation 3
• Designed level, lighting, scripting and shaders with emphasis on performance optimization for PS3
• Level took 3rd place in IGDA level design contest

Anchor Inc. Tokyo, Japan
Assistant Director / Designer, Sept. 2001-Nov. 2002
• Created textures, interactive menus and realtime/prerendered cutscenes for WWE-branded games
• Worked as liaison between developer and American publisher THQ

Nativesens (Contract), Tokyo, Japan
Localization Specialist, May 2001-Aug. 2001
• Translated technical documents and voice scripts for large-scale RPGs
• Cast and directed voice talent

Anchor Inc. (Contract), Tokyo, Japan
Localization Assistant, Sept. 2000
• Performed QA and editing roles for UFC game on Dreamcast

Bethesda Softworks, Rockville, MD
Art Intern, May 1999-Aug. 1999
• Created design docs, 3D models and environments for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Freelancing History
PC Gamer Magazine (Contract) Brisbane, CA
Contributing Editor/Columnist, Sept. 1996 to Sept. 2001
• Wrote previews, reviews, strategy guides and cover stories for an international print publication with a reader base of over 280,000
• Conducted on-site interviews with North American and European developers
• Wrote monthly print column (The Killing Box) and weekly online column (Colin’s House of Shame)

Temple University of Japan, Tokyo, Japan
Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies 2000-2001

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Indiana, PA
Original Objective: Major in Communications Media, 1996-1999
Overseas study at Kansai Gaikokugo Daigaku, Osaka, Japan, 1999-2000

Contributing Editor
Gamespot, IGN, Games Magazine, II Alive Magazine, AMG All-Game Guide
Sept. 1996 to Sept. 2001

Software Proficiency
Microsoft Office   :  11 Yrs
Unreal Editor  :  3 Yrs
Premiere / Vegas  :  9 Yrs
After Effects  :  9 Yrs
Photoshop  :   9 Yrs

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