Who is Colin, again?

Howdy —

I’m an American born and raised in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania who has been continuously globe-hopping since age 21. I started writing for PC Gamer Magazine in high school, put in about ten years of work in Japan, returned to the States and worked at various gigs for about five years in Seattle, and now I’m currently working in Manhattan on a corporate gig. I started as a designer, then transitioned to a writer/editor role, did production work, fell back to design and cinematics, and now I’m handling developer relations and helping to manage multiple teams.

In the past I’ve worked as:

Columnist for PC Gamer Magazine


Bright-Eyed, Uncorrupted Intern at Bethesda Softworks


Freelance Translator for Nativesens LLC


Assistant Director and Planner at Anchor Inc.


Mocap/stunt performer at various gigs (ouch, my knees)

Editor / Producer at Square Co., Ltd. (Square Enix)


Designer at 17-BIT


Director of Partnerships at Shinra Technologies, Inc.

what is next???

One thought on “Who is Colin, again?”

  1. You work for Square Enix??? That’s so cool!!!
    Does that mean you animate and stuff for games like Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy???

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